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In case you're wondering, Global Emergence is a holding company we created 7 years ago to facilitate the growth of environmentally and socially conscious small business enterprises, and their owners.   It was modeled after the inspirational work Visionary Business by Marc Allen.

The Brawner Group is a spin-off of that concept, dedicated to providing pertinent information to people who are venturing into the world of small business operations either for the first time, or as a re-entry.   People, like yourself, who have come to the realization that working for someone else is not the answer to their own personal and financial stability.   People who realize there is a better way to create and maintain a desirable lifestyle for themselves and their families, and that way includes some form of business ownership.

To successfully start, run, and grow a small business requires the same dedication and planning as launching a new career.   Unfortunately, government statistics on small and startup businesses do not seem to indicate entrepreneurs take adequate time to evaluate and prepare for their new venture.   The result is a wasteland of failed ventures, broken dreams, and one family after another joining the ranks of the 97% who will be broke and unable to retire at age 65.

Perhaps this is due in part by the proliferation of old, outdated, and sometimes dangerous information being touted by the current wave of business and Internet gurus.   Keep in mind however that more gold was made during the gold rush by those supplying miners with maps, supplies, and tools than all the miners put together.   It should be also noted that all the maps, supplies, and tools were not of the same quality nor did they all live up to their promise of delivering gold to the prospectors eager hand.

Now I'm not criticizing all of the current business gurus and information merchants, but there is a plethora of advice being promoted both on and off the Internet during this new gold rush, and it's not too hard to determine the balance of value being transacted for it.   Keep this in mind as you read further, this is a key concept in our business foundation series.

Through this site and our blogs, we hope to provide you information crucial to laying a solid foundation upon which to build the business of your dreams.

Some information is provided free of charge, some will require a nominal investment, while still other material may require a more significant investment of your time or money.   While some information is totally unbiased, in the public domain or it should be, other material or services are provided for a fee and we derive profit from providing them to you.   I promise to always make it clear to you whether I have a personal or financial stake in any transaction you may make with me.   As you are soon to discover, providing fair and open transactions is one of the principle cornerstones of a solid business foundation.

It is my sole desire that you be offered valuable, current material, at your own pace, so that you can make informed decisions regarding the creation and growth your new business venture.   My hope for you is a long and prosperous future in a venture that improves not only your quality of life, but the lives of our children's children.

With that background out of the way, if you will allow me to point you to the first of our business foundational cornerstones.   The principle of value as it pertains to the physical law of energy.   Without this basic understanding of why business works, your chances of survival drop precipitously.

This is not Economics 101, nor is it the same old advice passed out by the SBA or SCORE.   Do not be misled by the price.   Not everything passed along as free is worthless.  

Just recall the words of J.R.R. Tolkien;

"All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost."

So, whether you already have a business or business model in mind, or you are just beginning to explore your options, I invite you to check out this relevant piece and begin building the foundation for your new business enterprise.

Click Here to read about Value and the Law of Energy. Nothing to sign, no email address or contact information required.   Just some valuable information from me to you to help launch your entrepreneurial journey.

To your continued growth and prosperity,

Dave Brawner

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